As part of our social responsibility initiative, we aim to recognize and accolade the hidden talents of underprivileged children with special abilities. To accomplish this objective, Trompe L'oeil, in collaboration with Devnar school for the blind, intends to launch a philanthropic project.

Devnar is a foundation and school in the southern region of India dedicated to the blind students. It is focussed on providing value-based education to nurture skills, impart knowledge and motivate the visually challenged students.

Trompe L'oeil focuses on promoting the education, skill development and well being of children with special abilities. The objective is not just limited to providing financial support; but it extends further to create a new platform to exhibit the talent of these challenged children and thereby uplift their morale.

We, at Trompe L'oeil, intend to encourage these kids by creating platforms for them to exhibit their talent through our brand. Some of these children are good at art, and create marvelous artwork. Our apparels (primarily T-shirts) are printed with the designs created by these children. Apart from Trompe L'oeil's own creations, these apparels are exhibited separately as part of our philanthropy exhibition, and sold. A percentage of the monetary benefits through these sales is directed towards the education and wellbeing of these children. 

The designs are named after the respective child artists, and some basic details of the artist are mentioned while displaying the designs. This provides them a remarkable recognition on an international platform and instills a strong sense of confidence in them about being in par with the world. We believe that recognition and encouragement are as significant as monetary contribution.

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