What are the products offered by Trompe L'oeil?
Trompe L'oeil offers fashion apparel for men and women who adore art. The apparel collection includes the following:
For men: T-shirts, denim, suits, accessories 
For women: T-shirts, tops, skirts, shorts, denim, accessories 

How do I shop Trompe Loeil products?
Trompe L'oeil offers an online shopping platform through its official website. For more information, click "Help" and go to "How to make a purchase".

May I get an exchange if the apparel does not fit my requirement? Is it possible to get a refund if I return the product?
Yes, only if the exchange or return is made within 10 days of purchase and the apparel is maintained new (without removing the tags and labels or causing any form of damage).

Whom do I contact if my money is deducted but my order is unsuccessful?
Contact our customer care. If we receive the payment, we will send you the confirmation and ship your product. If the payment is unsuccessful, your money will be refunded to your account in approximately 5-10 business days (the number of days depends on the bank and could be more in a case of international transactions).

What kind of fabrics are Trompe L'oeil's apparels made of?
Most of the T-shirts for men and women are made of bamboo (50%), Organic cotton (50%), Silk and Chiffon.
Denim wear is available for both men and women.

Where are the garments manufactured?
Most of the garments are manufactured in India.
Does Trompe L'oeil offer customized designs for people who place special orders?
Yes, we do accept special orders for personalized designs. To place a special order, you may contact us through the E-mail or Phone.

How long can I keep my shopping bag undisturbed?
You can keep the shopping bag with the items, or keep adding items up to ?? days.

Across which countries does Trompe L'oeil offer delivery of the order?
We offer delivery services in USA, UK, Canada and India

What modes of payment does Trompe L'oeil accept?
We accept Debit cards (Visa/ Mastercard), and Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).